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Wireless Network Specialist

Department: Wireless
Posted on: July 13, 2023

Job Description:
Tower climbing, installation of wireless equipment to towers and rooftops, grounding of equipment, paperwork requirements to document work performed and to track inventory, responsible for growth of customer base, willing to work occasionally at expos to promote service: Applicant must be able to install, maintain, and troubleshoot all network hardware and wiring; must be able to install and maintain hubs, routers, switches, and the securities and warranties on all hardware; must be able to maintain DNS records, IP assignments, radius database, and plan and implement a growing network

Qualifications and Skills:

• Ability to climb towers at heights of thirty feet and above
• Commitment to safety for self and others
• Knowledge and application of improving and securing existing networks
• Analytical abilities to problem solve
• Writing skills to effectively communicate and document details of work activity
• Keen attention to details
• Results oriented
• Commitment to meet deadlines
• Ability to handle work under pressure
• Punctuality and dependability are extremely critical to the position
• Agreeable to work flexible hours
• Agreeable to work callouts for emergencies and overtime for special projects

Physical Requirement:

• Must be physically fit in order to preform enduring tower climbs
• Must be able to work on your feet 75% of the day
• Must be able to lift 50 Lbs.
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