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How much speed do I need?

10-20 Mbps

Light Use
Basic functions like email, browsing, basic video, VoIP, internet radio

20-50 Mbps

Moderate Use
Basic functions plus one high-demand application: streaming HD video, multiparty video conferencing, online gaming, telecommuting

50+ Mbps

Heavy Use
Basic functions plus more than one high-demand application running at the same time

NITCO Internet is required to purchase NITCO TV. View our television packages.

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For only $12.95 per month

We’ve taken all the frustrating parts of managing a home network and simplified them into one intelligent solution.

NITCO Wifi+ pods keep up with the next generation of WiFi products. They work seamlessly with any modem and are flexible enough to either replace or work alongside your current WiFi router. Everything is cloud-powered so your experience will never be out-of-date–all future features and updates to the system are included and install automatically.


Superfast speeds and unsurpassed reliability, NITCO Fiber Advantage offers the fastest, most versatile broadband connection available anywhere.


DSL connects you to the internet over your telephone network and gives you a dedicated internet access line from our central office to your home that’s all yours.


Coaxial cable internet is a popular choice for a fast and reliable internet connection. It’s ideal for streaming video, online gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive applications.


When DSL and Fiber are unavailable, depend on NITCO Fixed Wireless. Radio waves from our nearest access tower are transmitted to the a module affixed to your home.


NITCO Wifi+ offers the Plume Superpod, a wall socket-mounted mesh system that offers an easy and attractive way to blanket your home with wifi coverage.

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