NITCO - Wifi+ Powered by Plume


What is Plume?

Plume is a revolutionary Smart Home System controlled by our award-winning app. It’s time to change your relationship with your home wifi, forever.

How does Plume work?

NITCO Wifi+ offers the Plume Superpod, a wall socket-mounted mesh system that offers an easy and attractive way to blanket your home with wifi coverage.

What is the range of the Plume Superpod?

While every home is unique, you can place SuperPods in every other room in your home. It has a range of 30-40 feet through walls and 60-80 feet apart for large open spaces. For more information, visit

Let's Talk About Features

» Whole-home, self-optimizing wifi technology delivering powerful and reliable connectivity in every room, on every device, even in the most complex of environments.

» Evaluates and optimizes the wifi congestion in your home and reacts to changes for optimal performance.

» Devices will connect to whichever pod will give it the best possible wifi experience

» Want temporary wifi passwords for guests? Plume allows you to create up to 30 different passwords, with built-in expiry options, so you don’t have to share your regular password.

» Manage the content your kids access on their devices with device or user specific age-appropriate restrictions.

» Turn off the wifi for the kids at bedtime by scheduling access at the device level, or limit screen time with a quick timeout applied to a user or specific device.

» Plume protects devices from connecting to known suspicious domains or IP addresses

» Monitors smart home device usage patterns and separates those devices from the rest of the network if they stray from their normal behavior.

» Blocks access to known ad servers, making the internet a more enjoyable experience.

» The newest Plume feature, Plume Motion turns wireless networks into home monitoring systems that are controlled through the Plume app.

» Use your already connected wifi devices as sensors to detect movement, while offering privacy that cameras can’t provide.

» Plume Motion learns and adapts to the normal schedule of your devices to turn on motion detection when no one is home and when the house is still.

Why NITCO Wifi+ powered by Plume is better than a wifi repeater


For $12.95 per month, you’ll get a router and satellite, covering 1,500 sq. ft. Have a bigger home? Each additional Plume is only $4.50 per month.


Plume actively searches for the pod with the strongest signal and connects your device to it to provide the best wifi experience. Wifi repeaters act as independent nodes and do not have the intelligence or adaptability of Plume. These nodes can only extend the wifi coverage and are not able to re-connect your devices.

Easy, Instant Access

NITCO can monitor your Plume instantly and remotely to troubleshoot connection issues, unlike a wifi repeater.

No Self-Interference

Plume manages your wifi experience and eliminates interference. wifi repeaters can repeat the signal on the same channel, reducing the capacity of the network by introducing self-interference.


Plume instinctively manages andcoordinates the signal strength in the home for each device. With a wifi repeater, coordination of changes in the wifi network are hampered by the lack of a centralized authority. Typically, consumers changing their wifi network name or password end up in a tangle of reboots, disconnected devices, and partially connected networks.

Smart Pods

Plume actively searches for the best and most responsive wifi pod, creating the most effective and efficient connection for every device. Devices operating on wifi repeaters will often not choose the path of maximum performance, causing less effective connections.

NITCO Wifi+ Calculator

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