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Voice over IP

VoIP is a professional communications solution that works over a secure cloud-based connection, making it easy to keep your business running.

Easy setup & install
HD call quality
Secure network
Manage calls from anywhere

Reliable business voice service with crystal clear quality


A business landline phone service works even if the power goes out and comes with standard features such as caller ID, call waiting, and call forwarding.

Voice quality is unchanged even if the phone lines are busy and is a more trusted option for point-of-sale (POS), alarms, or elevator communication systems.

Grow your business

Hosted PBX

NITCO’s highly-flexible infrastructure grows as you grow—no matter how many locations you have—and you’ll only pay for what you use.

Get the best-in-class phone system with all the bells and whistles of a big company phone system at an incredibly attractive price.

Dedicated access for your PBX

Primary Rate Interface

For excellent call quality and reliability, use PRI lines for voice connectivity, data connectivity, video conferencing, faxingall simultaneously!

A PRI, or Primary Rate Interface line is a telecommunication standardenabling traditional phone lines to carry voice, data and video traffic.

Your business will be able to:

  • Maintain continuity when disaster strikes with recovery features that ensure you never miss a call
  • Maximize your phone capabilities with enhanced calling features
  • Use more phone numbers with greater flexibility

Faster. More efficient. More effective.

SIP Trunks

Sip trunking is an innovative ip voice solution that provides businesses like yours with customized next-generation voice services. By replacing your costly pris and traditional analog lines sip trunking simplifies your company’s telephony infrastructure and saves you money.


  • Complete your unified communications strategy and dramatically
    reduce expenses
    • Manage the same call capacity with fewer lines (or “channels”)
    • Enjoy Capacity On Demand – accommodate any call volume by only paying for what you need, when you need it
    • Create a local presence and eliminate long distance charges by selecting local phone numbers in over 1000 cities across Canada
  • Make changes to your account instantly thanks to sophisticated
    online management tools
  • Increase efficiency by pooling and seamlessly shifting capacity
    across multiple sites
  • Bank on our redundant national voice network build on carrier-class technology


  • Do you have an IP-ready PBX?
  • Are you thinking about purchasing a new PBX?
  • Do you have multiple office sites?
  • Do you experience highly variable call volume?
  • Do you ever experience issues with busy signals or insufficient lines?
  • Are you seeking enterprise-level reliability and scalability?

NITCO’s exclusive Surecall feature allows you to specify a call forwarding number for each active DID. Should a SIP trunk go down due to ISP outages, network issues, or problems with your on-site PBX, Surecall will be there to ensure your inbound calls still reach the right person.

Mitigate bandwidth issues

T1 Lines

Small and medium sized businesses use T1 lines for increased speed of data transmission and voice, depending on the T1 line’s configuration. T1 lines are great for small and medium sized businesses due to their reliability and affordability.

Unlike cable or DSL, T1 internet lines are location-based and dedicated circuits to the customer. This means that T1 providers can guarantee fast connection speeds, reliability, and latency.

Available for special circuits and secure connections that require a special handoff.