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Stay connected with NITCO.  Get high-speed internet today!

NITCO’s Broadband @ Home gives you a high speed connection at a price you can afford. Today, every home has 15-20 devices that require bandwidth to operate. Does your broadband service keep up with you?

For the best in speed and reliability, check out the NITCO services available to you!

NITCO Offers:

NITCO Fiber Advantage

Superfast speeds and unsurpassed reliability! Through fiber optics, your internet connection data is delivered as light signals through flexible glass fibersat the speed of light! The NITCO Fiber Advantage offers the fastest, most versatile broadband connection available anywhere. You’ll be amazed by the highest quality streaming and picture-perfect video clarity. With NITCO, you’ll always experience ultimate stability with virtually no interruptions. Get connected today with the most technologically advanced service in the country!

DSL Broadband Service

DSL is high-speed internet that works by transmitting digital data via your home phone line. It uses a frequency range well above that needed for voice service, enabling you to place and receive calls while online. As always, NITCO will never cap your speeds, allowing you to achieve maximum performance from all of your devices.

Wireless Internet

For our most rural customers, when DSL and Fiber are unavailable, you can depend on NITCO Fixed Wireless Service! Your connection comes through radio waves from our nearest access point at a tower site location in your area. The access point then transmits the radio waves to the subscriber module affixed to your home. To make it easy on you, NITCO maintains all equipment essential to your connection. Call today to see if your home qualifies for the service!

NITCO Internet Speed Test

How fast is your current connection? Take the NITCO Speedtest today! 

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CFON Ribbon Cutting 7-11-18

Chesterton Fiber Network Open for Business

 Chesterton, Indiana, July 13, 2018:   Northwestern Indiana Telephone Co. (NITCO) and the Town of Chesterton, Indiana announced this week that the new fiber optic communications and data network is now open for business!

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NITCO to build High-Speed Fiber Network in Town of Morocco

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