NITCO Fiber Optic Network Installation Company & Internet Providers for Municipalities, Government Buildings, Medical Facilities, Financial Institutions, School Corporations, Local Tourism. NITCO is your Local Internet Provider serving Northern Indiana, Hebron, Rensselaer, Valparaiso, Chesterton, NWI

Your Fiber Installation Specialists

NITCO has been installing fiber for over 30 years and has engineered and constructed its own Fiber Optic Network of 200 miles while contracting the design and construction of fiber networks for some of the largest communications companies in the nation.


Starting with yours, our goal is to grow business in Indiana through connectivity.

The rural nature of Indiana doesn’t mean the demand isn’t there for high speed broadband. Right now, there are 15-20 devices in every home that require bandwidth to operate. For business, speed and connectivity is a must! 100Mbps is the industry standard while gigabit availability is becoming more and more necessary.

NITCO has gigabit fiber!


From small business to large industries, city and towns…

NITCO provides fiber installation and construction services for:

  • Municipalities
  • Government Buildings
  • Medical Facilities
  • Financial Institutions
  • School Corporations
  • Local Tourism


Working with you to determine your needs to connect and grow your business is our goal. You are investing in your future with the construction of a fiber optic network. NITCO is prepared to design specialized fiber and advanced technology build outs. We work to create the proper fiber architecture to meet or exceed the needs of new and existing companies that require high grade interconnectivity. Whether it’s a dark fiber network aimed at supporting local providers and driving down the cost of connectivity, or a turnkey RUS build for municipal and private telecommunication providers, NITCO is ready to perform at the highest level.


Let’s Get Started!

To begin the build, once permits are obtained from the appropriate municipality, construction will be scheduled. The actual construction time once on-site can vary based on the topography and the type of environment. Generally a service drop can be completed with a couple days. Following construction, NITCO crews install fiber runs and network termination devices at your location. After testing the service, installation is completed.

NITCO employs 2 full-time construction crews for both underground and aerial fiber installation, supporting a year-round new build and maintenance schedule.


On-Site Follow-up

To make sure you are receiving the services promised and your system is operating properly, the dedicated team at NITCO will always follow-up with on-site training and to make sure your needs were met.


24/7 Support/Help Desk

Stay connected and count on NITCO. Service Level Agreements are available for  24/7/365 in-house customer support. We believe that it is important you connect with a live person when you call–instead of an automated voice. Anytime you need us, simply call 219-996-7000 to speak with one of our specialists. With a fleet of 90 vehicles and a team of local communications professionals ready to respond, NITCO will be at your doorstep within hours or sooner.


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CFON Ribbon Cutting 7-11-18

Chesterton Fiber Network Open for Business

 Chesterton, Indiana, July 13, 2018:   Northwestern Indiana Telephone Co. (NITCO) and the Town of Chesterton, Indiana announced this week that the new fiber optic communications and data network is now open for business!

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NITCO to build High-Speed Fiber Network in Town of Morocco

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