NITCO Fiber - Great for Business!

Ideal solution for
Small Business                         

Store Fronts, 1-3 Person Offices

Users of:
  • Point of Sales Systems
  • Streaming Music
  • Email
  • Social Media Posting
  • Video Streaming

Starting at $59.95

Perfect solution for Medium Business             

4-20 Person Offices, Restaurants

Users of:
  • Several work stations
  • Cloud-Based servers/programs
  • Shared WiFi
  • VPN
  • Security Cameras

Starting at $109.95

Foolproof Solution for Large & Commercial Business

Manufacturing, Large Offices, Government, Schools

Users of:
  • IT departments
  • On-site servers
  • Static IP Blocks
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Need for Backup & Redundancy

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  • NITCO is proud to be the Internet Provider for the Town of Chesterton, the Duneland School System, and the Chesterton Fiber Optic Network (CFON).

  • Offering you -the local businesses in Chesterton- reliable and flexible Internet, voice, and TV service is our priority. We are local and family owned, just like you! Our headquarters is in Porter County and we have been in business for over 80 years.

  • With the Chesterton Fiber Optic Network, NITCO can provide the best of the best service to you. Fiber is the most reliable Internet available.
    • CFON is an underground network, so it is not impacted by storms, trees falling, or people hitting poles with their cars.

    • Fiber also provides you with dedicated bandwidth so your neighbors won’t slow you down!

    • Data travels by light, and nothing beats the speed of light!

    • CFON is connected to 4 data centers, to provide ultimate reliability.

    • NITCO offers a 99.999% guaranteed uptime on our Fiber services.

    • CFON is built in loops/rings to provide true redundancy.

  • Tired of slow Internet or awful customer service? NITCO fiber is FAST and we are friendly. Unlike competitors, we answer the phone when you call us and we continually work on improving your service.

Ready to improve your business efficiency through NITCO Fiber? Email Ahna to get started!

    Customers must demonstrate the need for a block of IPs and will be required to fill out an IP Justification Form per ARIN's IP Assignment Policies