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Business is Better with NITCO.

Stay connected and save with NITCO’S BizConnect.

Is your business up to speed? Increase your productivity with super-fast speeds and unsurpassed reliability. Your business requires high-speed connectivity with 24/7/365 support you can count on.For the best in speed and reliability, check out the NITCO services available to your business! 

NITCO offers:

  • NITCO Fiber for Commercial and Business
  • DSL Broadband Service
  • Wireless Internet

Go Gig with NITCO Fiber Solutions! Get Speeds of 1Gbps or more!

NITCO Fiber for Commercial and Business

It's everything your business needs. Through fiber optics, your internet connection is data is delivered as light signals through flexible glass fibersat the speed of light! Get connected today with the most technologically advanced service in the country.

When you choose NITCO Fiber Solutions for your business you will:

  • Save time and money with boosted network performance
  • Increase productivity and profitability with super fast uploads and downloads—get large files, videos, images, reports, invoices and records quickly and securely
  • Connect more users in real-time with broadband power driving all your devices
  • Run more cloud-based apps, services and backups—all at the same time!
  • 24/7/365 signal protection
  • Access to our 24/7 Help Desk

Private Fiber Management - NITCO has been installing fiber since 1985 and has constructed and managed over 200 miles of fiber for its own network needs. In addition, NITCO provides fiber installation and construction services to companies in the region. They include some of the largest communications companies in the nation- AT&T, Verizon and the Indiana Fiber Network.

We also build for local companies and municipalities, having provided fiber service and construction to the City of Crown Point and the City of Valparaiso while having recently completed a fiber network for Porter County Government.

NITCO operates and builds networks for educational institutions having recently completed fiber optic construction for the School City of East Chicago, Porter Township Schools, East Porter County Schools, Boone Township Schools and Kankakee Valley School Corporation.

We are municipal fiber installation specialists. Whether it’s a dark fiber network aimed at supporting local providers and driving down the cost of connectivity or a turnkey RUS build for municipal and private telecommunication providers, NITCO is ready to perform at the highest level. Each member of the team is experienced in municipal fiber builds

DSL Broadband Service

Keep your business connected and productive with our fast, reliable DSL network.

Choose broadband speeds, plans and technologies—to match your company’s demands, at budget-friendly prices.

NITCO DSL runs on a dedicated line—this means you will never have to share your bandwidth. NITCO will never cap your speeds, allowing you to achieve the the maximum performance from all of your devices.

As always, your business will have support from our 24/7 Help Desk.

Get connected and stay connected with a great value for your business. Save time and money with NITCO’s DSL Broadband Service and enjoy consistently fast speeds to match the pace of your business.

Wireless Internet

For the most rural business customers, when DSL and Fiber are unavailable, you can depend on NITCO Fixed Wireless Service! NITCO has teamed with global leaders in wireless technologies to bring you the latest in fixed wireless broadband equipment.

Guaranteed Reliability. Your connection comes through radio waves from our nearest access point at a tower site location in your area. The access point then transmits the radio waves to the subscriber module affixed to your business. To make it easy on you, NITCO maintains all equipment essential to your connection.

NITCO’s wireless technology delivers reliable high-speed internet seamlessly and securely, supporting all of your business needs.


NITCO knows Business

With the fastest and most reliable speeds available today, our business internet packages make sure you have the speed and support you need.

We’ve made it easy make the switch to NITCO. Call one of our Business Solutions Specialist today at (219) 996-2981 to get started!

How fast is your current connection? Take the NITCO Speedtest today!  

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Chesterton Fiber Network Open for Business

 Chesterton, Indiana, July 13, 2018:   Northwestern Indiana Telephone Co. (NITCO) and the Town of Chesterton, Indiana announced this week that the new fiber optic communications and data network is now open for business!

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