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With NITCO, you'll find a team of professionals with a single focus–you. From our highly-skilled service technicians to our dedicated customer service representatives, NITCO works to always bring you the best in Voice, Internet, and TV.

We will be there when you need us.

NITCO provides you with 24/7/365 customer support. We believe it's important that you connect with a live person when you call–instead of an automated voice. Anytime you need us, simply call 219-996-7000 to speak with one of our specialists.

With a fleet of 90 vehicles and a team of local communications professionals ready to respond, NITCO will be at your doorstep within 48 hours or sooner.

NITCO delivers service second to none.

Our team is devoted to remaining proactive in anticipating your needs for tomorrow and beyond. Today, every home has 15-20 devices that require bandwidth to operate. There will be more in the future. Reliability must extend to the quality of all of NITCO’s products, services and systems. Keeping Indiana connected is what we do.

When you choose NITCO–you choose a local team that’s committed to you.

Serving Indiana for Over 125 Years 


1890s  To connect the offices of his hay business in Demotte, Abraham Halleck conceives the idea of connecting number 10 wire strung on native poles. Soon after, a pay station is established in Ripley's Store in Hebron, where the fire station now stands. Private lines began to supplement the original venture.

1900s  John Ross purchased the system from James McGill who had taken it over from Mr. Halleck. Across from the Hebron Hotel, Mr. Ross erects a small brick building to house the office for the exchange.

 1930s  During the next few decades the systems changes owners and locations, and in 1939, the exchange, now called the Hebron Telephone Company, was purchased by George Mussman and his son Robert Mussman.


1940s  In 1944, the Mussmans purchased the Demotte-Roselawn Telephone Company which became the Northwestern Indiana Telephone Company, or NITCO.

1950s  NITCO and the Hebron Telephone Company, were operated separately until 1952 when they were merged into the Northwestern Indiana Telephone Company, Incorporated.

In 1955, NITCO moved to a modern building erected on Washington Street, which is the present day site. The new and state-of-the-art switchboard had a capacity to handle 10,000 lines—or about 50,000 telephones—in Hebron and the Demotte area, eliminating all local operators.

1970s  In 1970, the Hebron Exchange was divided into two separate exchanges: North (which includes Lakes of the Four Seasons) and Hebron. A new, unattended switching office was built at Lakes of the Four Seasons around this time.

In 1976, NITCO moved the company's corporate office to its current location at 205 N. Washington Street in Hebron. The new office provided space for a state-of-the-art Stromberg Carlson ESC-3 switching center for the Hebron Exchange, and for additional employees that were hired to keep pace with the growth of the community.

In 1979, construction and installation were completed for a central office switching center in Roselawn. A new telephone exchange number for the Roselawn community was established and a Stromberg Carlson DCO digital switch was installed to meet the demands of service.

1980s  The way telephone companies did business changed forever when deregulation in the industry became a reality in the 1980s. Competition for long distance calling led to the Bell System separating into seven regional Bell companies. These drastic industry changes created new opportunities for NITCO. The effects of deregulation brought about significant changes for NITCO and a complete upgrade of the central office switching centers. Fiber optic connections were installed between the new switching centers and the rest of the telecommunications world outside of the NITCO service area.

1990s  The age of the internet was firmly established in Northwest Indiana when NITCO employees started an online antibiotics bulletin board. This bulletin board allowed for easy and quick communication between parties, email addresses, games and dial up circuits. With quick success, the NetNitco brand was launched as NITCO's internet provider connecting people and information across the world. At its peak, over 24,000 customers signed up for NetNitco dial up service and the race was on to make way for faster speeds and data transfer.

2000's  In 2005, special circuit boards were installed to allow for digital subscriber line service (DSL) to a home or business in NITCO territory. NITCO also developed its own fixed wireless network. Utilizing existing towers that could cover an area of 300 square miles, NITCO was able to offer internet service to residents and businesses in the most rural communities of Northwest Indiana.

In 2013, NITCO installed our MetaSwitch, the latest in Voice Connection technology. We now offer Voice over IP and Hosted PBX products. Construction continued as NITCO created its first gigabit community in Mt Ayr, IN successfully bringing high speed broadband to one of Indiana's most rural areas.

The year 2017 was exciting and game changing!  NITCO completed a 25 year agreement to operate a municipal fiber network for the Town of Chesterton, IN. This new partnership is focused on bringing the best in fiber optic capability to local business in the community and growing the NITCO customer base. NITCO now manages the voice, long distance and internet needs of the town government and is also the major provider for Duneland Schools and major business in the Town.

That same year, NITCO unveiled its newest video product line, Skitter TV! This IPTV offering means fiber and DSL customers can enjoy NITCO's newest cable TV channel lineup with all the local Chicago broadcast stations.

Today  In 2018, NITCO acquired TV Cable of Rensselaer (ZING TV) adding 1400 TV, Internet and voice customers to NITCO.  NITCO welcomed the employees of ZING TV to our NITCO family and the companies' growth continued.

In February of 2018, NITCO completed a 10-year agreement to operate the municipal fiber network for the City of East Chicago. Planning to sign up local business, schools, and government facilities began immediately and customers are signing up now.

The Future  Our focus is on growth and to be successful, NITCO understands the need for high-quality customer service. We believe that being local and "Infinitely Friendlier" is critical to our success.

You'll notice the commitment from our company leadership—NITCO’s team is 100% local. We will be there when you need us the most. Our dedication to you is the foundation of everything we do. This passion keeps us focused on the future.

NITCO is a frontrunner in the high speed broadband market and the region’s preferred provider in internet, TV, voice and security. We proudly service thousands of clients in our four county service area, keeping you connected with over 200 miles of advanced technology fiber

Since 1939, NITCO has maintained a policy of providing quality service at an affordable price while keeping pace with rapidly changing technology. We proudly pledge to continue that tradition.

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