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NITCO Fiber Commercial and Business

Data through Glass at the Speed of Light

Copper wiring is rapidly being replaced with Fiber that exponentially increase the speed of digital information transmission. These are amazing bundles of ultra-pure glass tubes. A light source – usually a laser – is used to transmit digital data at the speed of light — continuously reflecting off the mirrored plastic coatings to produce an evolutionary leap-forward in results. NITCO’s Fiber system can transmit billions of bits of data per second, and can even carry multiple signals along the same fiber by using lasers of different colors. It’s no optical illusion — it’s advanced communication for your business with the following advantages and more:


Small Business
10 Mbps $49.95
25 Mbps $59.95
50 Mbps $89.95
100 Mbps $149.95
* Standalone Fee of $39.95 May Apply
* Additional speeds are available upon request

NITCO Fiber for Unparalleled Benefits

With NITCO Fiber, you’re “always connected” to these advantages:

  • Save time and money with boosted network performance, increased productivity and profitability
  • NITCO Broadband speeds clocked for blazingly fast uploads and downloads
  • Broadband power to drive all your devices
  • Bandwidth that massively increases capability and scalability
  • Constant signal production 24/7
  • Today’s NITCO Fiber will leave you prepared for tomorrow’s technologies

Save a Bundle with Our Fiber Services

We’ve made it easy to activate or switch to NITCO. We offer a bundle of ways to begin saving with our Fiber services. Call a NITCO Fiber Solutions Specialist today at (219) 996-2981.

World-Class NITCO Services in Your Own Backyard

NITCO Fiber has been built on integrity, responsiveness, innovation and world-class service for our Northwest Indiana neighbors. Now is the time to test our Fiber capability and see if we live up to our reputation and your expectations. We guarantee it will!

Broadband @ Home

Broadband @ Home gives you a high speed connection over a wireless, copper, or fiber optic network. 

Standard Features
  • 500M of e-mail storage (up to 5 accounts)
  • Spam and virus filtering on e-mail
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Webmail access
  • 50M of personal web space

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