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Phone Service

Base Service Bronze 200 Silver 600 Gold
$12.38 * + $6.95 + $16.95 + $29.95
Long Distance --- 200/min 600/min Unlimited
Overage Rate ** .12/min .05/min .04/min ---
Voicemail ---
3-Way Calling --- ---
Caller ID --- --- ---
Call Waiting --- --- ---

*    Base price does not include state and federal surcharges plus other fees.
**  Price based on NetNITCO Long Distance. You can choose your LD provider.
†  NetNITCO LD includes lower 48 states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam and Canada

Service charges / fees
New Install * $59.95
Reconnect Orders * $54.95
Reconnect from Temporary Disconnect $15.00
Move Orders $54.95
Repair Premise Visit Charge $49.00
Check Return Charge $15.00
Order Writing Charge $8.30
Line Trap Charge (Weekly) $5.00
Line Protection Service (Monthly) $1.50
Additional wire/jack protection (per line) $0.50
Line, wire and jack plus DSL protection $3.75
Long Distance International Rates varies

* These charges can be waived with the combined purchases of Caller ID, Long Distance, and DSL where available. Give us a call for more details!

Special Options

Your base phone-line package comes with one of the following features at no additional charge!

Line Protection Plus

Line Protection Plus is an insurance policy that entitles customers' protection against a $49.00 premise charge, repair of wiring, faulty telephone jacks and DSL modem inside a home or business. *

Customers who request this service will have a reoccurring charge of $3.75 per month that will appear on their bill.

* Although Line Protection and Line Protection Plus covers a premise charge, repairs on the inside are subject to labor fees if they choose to have trouble repaired.

Business Customers

Service prices
Business Service $18.83

* Base price does not include state and federal surcharges plus other fees.

PRI prices
Installation - 1 year agreement $750.00
Installation - 3 year agreement $750.00
23 Channel PRI w/ Name and Number * $750.00
Block of 20 DID Numbers $10.00

* Standard charges for NECA Pool, Reduced Interstate and Intrastate Access Charges, Telecom Relay and E911 charges shall apply.