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Service Bundles

Combine your phone and internet service together and save up to 35%!

Phone service

Land-line phone service is the most reliable way to connect to your friends and family. No dropped calls, just crystal clear connections every time! Plus, you get a reliable connection to 911.


Download video and pictures quicker with our high-speed DSL service. We offer different package options to get you connected quickly and easily. Oh, and its affordable too!


Download faster than ever with speeds up to 50Mbps.

Wireless Internet

NITCO DSL service unavailable to you? Tired of your current provider squeezing your wallet? Our wireless service is here to help, and your odds are pretty good it's in your area!

Website hosting

Whether you run a business or just want to setup a personal blog, we can help with all your hosting needs! Support for PHP, ASP, MySQL, Linux and Frontpage at competitive pricing!