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NITCO Fiber Advantage

Accelerate your productivity. Put the pedal to the metal with your Broadband connection. While your competitors are slowly seeking solutions, NITCO Fiber will put your business across the finish line first


Essential Preferred Premier
10 Mbps $54.95 $64.95 $74.95
25 Mbps $64.95 $74.95 $84.95
50 Mbps $94.95 $104.95 $114.95
100 Mbps $164.95 $174.95 $184.95

Replaces copper infrastructure with new technology

  • Ultimate stability and virtually no interruptions
  • Not susceptible to corrosion or power surges from lightning and other sources, resulting in amazing reliability
  • Allows for future evolution of technology

Provides virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity

  • Fiber supports unlimited amounts of data and can keep up with increasing consumer and technology demands
  • Access to more advanced communication products and data like streaming video, internet TV, quality video conferencing, “smart home” technology, IP video home monitoring, gaming and much more
  • Fiber the fastest, most versatile Broadband connection available anywhere

Our Rural Community Leads the Way

  • Our existing copper network has allowed us to offer superior quality communication services. Copper networks (like ours or those offered by cable companies) will soon be unable to provide the rapidly increasing bandwidth necessary to offer new, exciting technologies like 1G broadband service, HD streaming video, advanced voice services, and many others. With our new fiber network, NITCO will deliver some of the most technologically advanced services in the country. These existing updates will give our rural community the edge to compete on a global scale. When using the fiber service, you will receive the most elite video experience. You’ll be amazed with the highest quality streaming and picture perfect video clarity.

Broadband @ Home

Broadband @ Home gives you a high speed connection over a wireless, copper, or fiber optic network. 

Standard Features
  • 500M of e-mail storage (up to 5 accounts)
  • Spam and virus filtering on e-mail
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Webmail access
  • 50M of personal web space

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