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NITCO Support Policy

There are many versions of PPP stacks. For Windows alone there are three major and many minor stacks in use. When you add into this that our customers are using Macintoshes, Amigas, many different UNIX operating systems, OS/2, Windows NT, and Windows 95, you can see that for us to offer support for all different scenarios of Web Browsers alone on users' host systems would be a large undertaking. If you then also include all the different types of utilities (Web Browsers, FTP, Telnet, Newsreaders, Talk, Gopher, Mail, IRC, etc...) and different versions of software available for each Operating System, we are facing a monumental user support issue. We do try to be as proficient in the most common utilities as possible and give tips to our users. We cannot however afford to educate all our users on the Internet and how to get their software running. We then would have to raise our rates to support a full time research team as well as having all the types of Operating Systems and software at our site and a full time education staff. These pages are our attempt at providing a fast and easy way to get help on your applications. If you cannot find what you need here you may need to contact the software or hardware manufacturer or search for other resources on the Internet. Our system will run any type of PPP stack that we are currently aware of. Getting the software running that a particular user may want to use is going to primarily be a function of how good or bad the software is programmed to interact with the type of Operating System running and the PPP stack. If vendors are putting out hard to use software we cannot afford to make up for their company's poor work. This is frustrating to us as well as to you. We apologize if it sounds like we are dodging responsibility for software but the fact is that we are not responsible for it or any shareware/commercial packages' performance. We want to help our users but we cannot dedicate the human resources to make up for every application that has bad documentation or implementation. If your connection is a problem we will spare no expense or amount of time to find a solution and to rectify the situation. However, if the problem has to do with a particular application that a user wants to run on their local host we cannot take that task upon ourselves. It is not from a lack of desire to help our users but a reality of the volume of Internet applications that makes this a reality. We will try to answer questions about applications when possible as an Internet provider who wants to help our customers but we want to be clear that this is not a standard function of our office or service. If you have any questions or comments concerning this policy, please feel free to contact us.