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  • Our Team
    Our greatest asset has always been our people.
  • Our Value
    We’re on an exciting and worthwhile mission.
  • Timeline
    NITCO has a rich history that dates back to 1890.
  • Customer Relations
    Our focus is on providing you with superior customer service!
  • Our Team

    Our greatest asset has always been our people. Our trained service technicians, customer service representatives and staff push to always bring you the best. They have all made NITCO more than just another telecommunications company. From top to bottom, you’ll find a team of professionals with a single focus – you.

  • Our Values

    At NITCO, our dedication to our customers is the foundation of everything we do. This passion keeps us focused on the future, helps develop long-lasting relationships and pushes us to become the very best at what we do!

    NITCO operates within a set of core values that frame our strategy and culture. Our values provide our people with standards of behavior necessary to maintain and enhance our reputation.

    • Honesty:

      We will always be guided by an effort to do the right thing. Our dealings with customers, business partners and others are to be handled with honesty.


      We care about our customers, colleagues and community. Today, this is reflected in the affordability of our services, the extensive and valued benefits we provide to customers and employees, and the depth of our community support.


      Meeting and exceeding customer needs is vital to our business. It’s important to listen carefully and follow through, which our service technicians always do. Commitment for today is not enough. However, we are equally devoted to remaining proactive in anticipating technological and other needs for tomorrow.


      How high and far can we leap to keep our customers happy and our company vital? We must continue to investigate and embrace the latest technologies and service innovations that will lead us forward and give us a clear, sharp, competitive edge going forward.

    • Reliability:

      We keep our appointments and do not disappoint our customers by being late or having to reschedule. If we can’t show up on time, we don’t say, “We apologize for any inconvenience.” Instead, we tackle the challenge head on and solve the issue before it becomes an inconvenience. In addition, reliability must extend to the quality of products, services and systems. Since service interruptions are unexceptable, even for a minute, we do not tolerate them and have back-up systems to prevent them.

      Human Contact:

      First, we believe that it is critically important that customers connect with a live person when they call instead of an automated voice. We are committed to enabling customers to see, feel and connect with our people. This holds true when customers are placed on hold as well. No one abandons our customers, ever.


      We recognize that the NITCO family is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds, talents and interests. We strive to embrace those differences. We also recognize the critical importance of balancing family and work. We are an integral part of our community and strive to always be good stewards.

  • NITCO Company History

    Abraham Halleck conceives the idea of connecting number 10 wire strung on native poles to connect the offices of his hay business in Demotte. Soon after, a pay station was established in Ripley’s store in Hebron where the fire station now stands. Private lines began to supplement the original venture.

    John Ross purchased the system from James McGill who had taken over the system from Mr. Halleck in 1896. Mr. Ross erected a small brick building across from the Hebron Hotel to house the office for the exchange.

    In 1904, E. Stoeffhass purchased the system and sold the business a few years later to Casebere and Wilkinson.

    On April 1, 1904, Bruner and Fleming became owners of the exchange and moved the company to its quarters above the bank.

    In 1905, L. F. Porter from Morocco became owner.

    In 1929, the exchange was re-purchased by J. F. Bruner.

    In the fall of 1934, the exchange was moved to the James Morrow property on South Main Street.

    On January 1, 1939, the Hebron Telephone Company was purchased by George Mussman and his son Robert Mussman,

    In 1944, the Mussmans purchased the Demotte-Roselawn Telephone Company which became the Northwestern Indiana Telephone Company and NITCO was born!

    These two companies, NITCO and the Hebron Telephone Company, were operated separately until 1952 when they were merged into the Northwestern Indiana Telephone Company, Incorporated.

    In 1955, the business was moved to a modern building erected on Washington Street, which is the present site. The preliminary planning for this move, which converted the system from the antiquated switchboard to a modern board system, began in January of 1952.

    In May of 1955, the business office moved to its new quarters. The switchboard had a capacity to handle 10,000 lines — or about 50,000 telephones — in Hebron and the Demotte area, eliminating all local operators. Long distance was handled by Crown Point and Valparaiso.

    In 1970, the Hebron Exchange was divided into two separate exchanges: North (which includes Lakes of the Four Seasons) and Hebron (which includes the town). A new, unattended switching office was built at Lakes of the Four Seasons about the same time.

    In 1976, NITCO moved the company’s corporate office to its current location at 205 N. Washington Street in Hebron. The new office provided space for a Stromberg Carlson ESC-3 switching center for the Hebron Exchange, as well as additional employees that were hired to keep pace with the growth of the community.

    In 1979, construction and installation for a new central office switching center was completed in the community of Roselawn. A new telephone exchange number for the Roselawn community was established and a Stromgberg Carlson DCO digital switch was installed to meet the demands of service.

    The way telephone companies did business past changed forever when deregulation in the industry became a reality in the 1980s. Competition for long distance calling between AT&T, MCI and Sprint, along with many others, led to the Bell System separating into 7 regional Bell companies. These drastic changes in the industry created additional challenges as well as new opportunities for NITCO.

    In 1984, NITCO began to offer Interconnect services throughout Northwest Indiana.

    Between 1985 and 1989, the effects of deregulation in the industry brought about significant changes for NITCO and plans for a complete upgrade of the central office switching centers were set into motion. In addition, fiber optic connections were installed between the new switching centers and the rest of the telecommunications world outside of the NITCO serving area.

    In 1989, NITCO’s Customer Service Department became computerized. All 8,500 customers were entered into a new database that provided a wide range of additional services to NITCO customers such as service bureau assistance, billing and collection capability, service order tracking, customer repair records and outside plant records and reports.

    To date, NITCO has become the primary long distance carrier for intra-lata long distance service. We have also become totally independent of our service bureau by processing our own toll for billing and collections. Last but not least, we are able to support a complete in-house database for our 13,000 telecommunications customers.

    As NITCO continues to keep pace with the trends toward deregulation of the local service market, the company has entered into the Internet access providers’ market. In a very short period of time, NITCO has made itself a front runner in Northwest Indiana and is considered to be the preferred provider in the region.

    NITCO continues to aggressively meet the challenges being brought about by increased demands for enhanced services combined with persistent growth within the communities it serves. NITCO is currently replacing five (5) digital switching centers with EWSD, Siemens Stromgberg-Carlson equipment that will provide an on-ramp to the information highway.

    Since 1939, NITCO has maintained a policy of providing quality service at an affordable price while at the same time keeping pace with rapidly changing technology. We proudly pledge to continue that tradition.

  • Customer Relations

    Always Here, Always Caring, All Ways BetterTM -

    This has been our motto for years and we have made the promises a reality.

    Always here: We not only work in the neighborhood, but the vast majority of us live in Northwest Indiana. We’re local and around the corner, which enables us to be there fast — 1 hour is now the norm. We are fiercely dedicated and a formidable competitor when it comes to urgency of response in emergencies.

    When you call, NITCO answers. Even on hold, you get a member of the NITCO team. In an urgent situation, a live person answers, which is comforting and speeds a helpful response.

    Always caring: Over the years, we’ve worked to build and maintain relationships with our customers so they can see the people behind the voice. This has been greatly appreciated by those we serve and is the primary difference between us and our competitors. NITCO caring is reflected in other ways as well:

    NITCO employees are 100% committed to satisfying customer needs. We listen, grasp the situation, understand what’s needed and follow through. To sum it up in a phrase, “We care. We hear. We do.“

    Our service technicians show their level of caring by respecting privacy, property and noise levels when at work in your home or business. And they do their best to maintain a ”zero footprint” by cleaning up every speck.

    All ways better: We’ve grown. As a result of our core values, our mission has been made possible and we have a clear vision of what is important — staying fresh, innovative and sharp. We also strive to offer the best technologies at affordable prices to enhance your experience.

    We offer broadband Internet with fiber optics to get where you want to go at the speed you want to get there.

    We offer DISH TV, standing out with spectacular applications like the Hopper® which creates a whole, new world of interaction with your TV.

    We offer landline voice grounded in exciting, valued products and benefits, including Unified Messaging, Call Manager, CommPortal, Accession and more.

    For NITCO, the commitment to being ALL WAYS BETTER means your quest for the next best thing that will serve, involve, ease and please your customers is always ongoing. It never stops. You envision it, achieve it and move on. We don’t shy from that opportunity. We embrace and own it. And we invite you to join us on that never-ending quest to see the exciting things that tomorrow at NITCO brings.