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The NITCO Classifieds are a free service which allows you to post your classified ads in a variety of categories. The Classifieds will allow people in your area and from all over the world to see what you have to offer.

Please post classifieds in the proper category, and do not post more than once. NITCO will remove any ads that are considered inappropriate, or that are listed more than once. If an ad is posted that is considered inappropriate, you may be banned from posting future ads. Thank you for your cooperation. Please report any problems to

Disclaimer / Agreement
We do not assume any legal or financial responsibility for products, services, or other things advertised through the NITCO Classifieds. All liability for transactions remain solely with the advertisers and/or the buyers and sellers. We reserve the right to remove or reword any ad we receive. Posting of business advertisements is not allowed. If you cannot agree to these terms for any reason or if the law in your area limits or prohibits such disclaimers, you are not authorized to use the NITCO Classifieds. NITCO may, at its discretion, update this Agreement from time to time, and your continued use of this service shall be construed as acceptance of updated Agreement terms