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NITCO Advanced Features

Here at NITCO we provide you with the most advanced state-of-the-art features to complement your business’ needs with the quality service you deserve. We provide you with what you want with the control you need! Call our customer service specialists today about NITCOSphere to get started!

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WOW Tools

Accession Forever transform the way you communicate. When using Accession you are no longer confined to a device. An app for your devices that lets you make and take calls from ANY device.
Call Jump Allows you to transfer your live phone to other devices while never interrupting your conversation.
CommPortal A whole lot of power is easy to control with CommPortal.
A web based tool that allows you to control all your phone features from any device.
Find Me Follow Me An unparalleled feature that gives you the power to dictate when, where and how you’re reached.
Allows you to set a sequence of numbers to ring whenever you receive an incoming call.
Simring Not sure where you’re going to be? That’s okay, Simring will find you!
This feature allows set lines to ring simultaneously.

COOL Tools

Auto Attendant (Easy) You can view this as a “Virtual Assistant”. It is a customer managed automated call-answering service that presents callers with a recorded menu and allows them to choose to be transferred to a particular person or to a voicemail.
Auto Attendant (Premium) A more advanced automated call-answering service than Easy Attendant, with multiple menus, more call handling options as well as finer scheduling control.
CommPortal A whole lot of power is easy to control with CommPortal.
A web based tool that allows you to control all your phone features from any device.
Conferencing Host conferences, control recording, sound and muting through an easy to use conferencing interface.
Do Not Disturb Allows you to block your line temporarily to prevent incoming calls. The incoming call will go directly to voicemail without ringing the phone/device.
Live Message Screening Allows you the ability to listen while a caller is leaving a voicemail, with the option to pick up the call.
Mandatory Account Codes Allows you to set up a numerical code to your Voice service that will prevent a specified outgoing call from being made without the input of the specified code first.
Mass Announcement The mass announcement service automatically places calls to contacts on a predefined contact list and plays them a prerecorded message.
Reminder Calls Creates one-time reminder calls that can be setup by you for specific events or appointments.
Warm Line Allows you the choice to have a specific line automatically ring to a predetermined number anytime the handset is off the hook for a set amount of time.
Hot Line Allows your line to be configured with a number that is automatically dialed when the phone is taken off the hook.
Teen Line Allows you to have up to three additional numbers while retaining only one physical line. Calls to the additional numbers go through to the existing phone line, but have a distinctive ring tone for each number.
Incoming Call Manager (ICM) Allows you to manage incoming calls to ring one or multiple numbers together or in a sequence based on the time of day.
Easy Call Manager (ECM) An easy to use call handling service, with a simple set of configurable profiles. This is for customers who want to control their call handling service quickly and easily.

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